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Welcome to the doorway to a Free Website.  And when we say free, we mean free.  It seems rare these days to find truly free websites.  Sometimes a company will offer a free domain name as a way of getting you to purchase their hosting services.  Sometimes a company will say they are offering a free domain name, but they are really offering a free sub-domain which you can get for free from many sources since everyone gets them free to begin with.  In fact, if you want a free Websong sub-domain name, just ask and we will set you up with one. 
However, after months of research and preparation, we are proud to recommend a completely free and yet fully reliable way for anyone to build their own website for free through a company called "WordPress."  WordPress offers free subdomains to everyone, and they also host these subdomains for free.  And, as if that wasn't enough, they provide a free, easy to access and easy to use visual HTML editor to use in creating your website.  We believe this is a wonderful gift that WordPress offers to everyone.  We believe this free website option will be particularly useful to individuals, churches, non-profit and not-for-profit agencies, and small businesses who recognize their need for a web presence, but are limited in funds to spend on the effort.  In our estimation, the only weakness in what WordPress offers is in the area of training on how to use their services.  So we have prepared a rather complete series of Mini-Courses that are designed to walk the novice through the WordPress maze with minimum discomfort, and allow them to come out on the other side with a fully functional website for their use.  Feel free to use these Mini-Courses. However, we would appreciate some feedback.  It helps us to know who is using our work, and what they think of it all, and it will help us improve what we have to offer.  And if you would like us to post a link from this website to yours so others can see what can be done for free, just let us know what sub-domain name you are using. 
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