Websites for the Cost Conscious

Plan B: The Small Business Plan
It is our observation that Small Businesses not only need a website, they often need a wide variety of features on their website, and better than average security measures as well.  At the same time, most small businesses need to be as cost conscious as possible when it comes to designing their website.  It is for these reasons that we have designed our Plan B websites with Small Businesses in mind.  However, everyone is welcome to take advantage of this particular blend of economy and quality if they wish.
The first feature that sets our Plan B websites apart from so many of the websites currently available is the quality of the hosting services we recommend.  Not only are they trusted by millions of their customers, but they also have been found to be the best by consumer groups using objective criteria.  By way of example, click here to see one sample site that lists the top ten webhosting companies.  Or do your own search or your own comparison. 
The second distinguishing feature that sets our Plan B websites apart is the quantity and quality of the free software that these companies provide with their hosting services.  In particular, it is worth checking out the Visual HTML Editor that they provide.  These editors make so many of the routine actions involved in designing a website seem simple.  But these companies also provide free open-source software that will let you add shopping carts, design templates, custom forms, newsletters, blogs, email accounts, and much more.  
The third feature that sets our Plan B websites apart is the price we are able to offer to design your website for you.  Of course you are welcome to use the software your host provides and design your website for yourself.  But if you want us to do this work for you, we would use the same free software that your hosting service provides, and design the essentials of your website for you, and then teach you how to personalize it to suit your own needs.  So much of the content of a website cannot be written by a design company like Websong.  You will need to be able to make the website speak for you on the web.  And Plan B websites will make that process simple, because they are easy to edit, personalize and maintain.
So how do I get a Plan B Website?  
The first step is to find a hosting company you trust, and lease a domain name and hosting services from them.   Check out our page on "Domains and Hosting Services" if you are interested in knowing more about leasing your own domain name.

Once you have leased a domain name and a hosting service, the next step is to open the administrative area to your new domain account and check out the visual editor.  If you can figure out how to use that free software, you will be well on your way to designing your own website, and you won't have to hire anyone to design it for you.  Of course, our expectation is that most people will want some help with the design of their website, and we are available and willing to design it for you according to your specifications.  To take advantage of our services, just contact us and let us know what you want using the form below, or through the other means available on our "Contact Us" page.
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