Websites for the Cost Conscious

Plan B - Small Business Plan
An intermediate website option that is ideal for small businesses, but available to anyone. 
You purchase your domain name and hosting services from a company that provides a free visual HTML editor, and we use their software to design your website,
and then train you to maintain it. 

To purchase a domain name and hosting service from a reliable company

that includes a visual HTML editor in their package of services.

 Services We Provide  Our Price    Services Provided by:  Estimated Price
       Domain purchase and Webhosting. $2 to $18 per month
($24 to $216 annually)

      Option of purchasing additional related domain names
with different top level domains such as: .com, .org, and .net

 About $25 annually



Next, we design your website using the visual editing software that your webhosting service provides

and then we maintain it, and/or train you to maintain it.

 Services We Provide  Our Price    Services Provided by:  Estimated Price
Intermediate size website design  $50 per page
 Training in maintaining your website  $50 for a year of email support      
 Webmaster Services
Updated Weekly by Websong
 For each page that needs updating,
we charge $7 a month
($75 annually)

Websong     (505) 918-7250