Websites for the Cost Conscious

Plan C - Full Service Plan
Custom, robust, full featured websites for businesses.

To purchase a domain name and hosting service from a reliable company

that includes a visual HTML editor in their package of services.

 Services We Provide  Our Price    Services Provided by:  Estimated Price
       Domain purchase and Webhosting. $2 to $18 per month
($24 to $216 annually)

      Option of purchasing additional related domain names
with different top level domains such as: .com, .org, and .net

 About $25 annually


While the base price of our full-featured websites includes most common features, 

still there are some features for which we charge extra.  Here are prices for a few.

 Services We Provide  Our Price    Services Provided by:  Estimated Price
 Full-featured custom website layout and design
Base Price $400  

To include a shopping cart
Add $100  

To configure and provide support for email accounts
 Prices for some custom features wil need to be negotiated
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Training, Maintenance and Support options.

 Services We Provide  Our Price    Services Provided by:  Estimated Price
 Training in maintaining, updating, and improving your own website (Helping you make changes)
 $75 for a year of email support    

 Webmaster services
Having your website updated weekly by Websong 
(Having us make changes)
 For each page that needs updating, we charge $10 a month
($100 annually)
Email based support for work we do on your website
(Fixing mistakes we make)




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