Websites for the Cost Conscious

Websong Prices

Websong is committed to finding, designing and offering excellent quality at truly affordable prices.
As can be seen below, we begin our prices with an option for a free self-maintained website
to which services may be added as desired.  From there,
the websites we offer become more complex and therefore more expensive.
We hope this process of beginning with our least expensive services, and moving progressively toward our more expensive services
will help people avoid buying more website than they need.
Some people may wish to begin with what is available for free, and then add services as needed until they have a website with which they are satisfied.  
Others might read through our services page or this price list until they find what they need, and then add services from there.  
Either way, we hope you find what you need in what we have to offer, we hope you find our prices to be reasonable,
and we hope you will give us a try.
Reflected here are the most current prices for our services.
If and when we should need to change our prices, the changes will be reflected here.


Free Website
For those who want to know what is included in our free website.
Plan A - Best for Individuals, Churches and Non-Profit Agencies
These are quality websites that are easy to self-maintain and very inexpensive. 
They are built upon the foundation of the free WordPress website above,
but involve a personal domain and/or Websong design assistance.
Plan B - Best for Small Businesses
These are full featured cost effective websites. 
You lease your domain name,
we design the website using built in software and free templates,
and train you to maintain it.
Plan C - Best for Businesses
Custom, robust, full featured websites.
Support and Consultation
See the Support and Consultation page to access these services

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