Websites for the Cost Conscious

We currently offer the following services:
  1. Resources to help people build their own free website.
  2. Plan A - Our Church and Non-Profit Plan -  Providing whatever help might be needed or desired to personalize an otherwise free website. 
  3. Plan B - Our Small Business Plan - A cost effective way to get an intermediate website up and running, once you have purchased your own domain name and hosting service.
  4. Plan C - Our Full Service Plan - An option for those who want to hire us to design their website to their personal specifications.
  5. Plan D - Special Services - Help for those who already have a website, but are dis-satisfied with some or all of the services they are receiving.
  6. Support for services we provide.
  7. Website Consulting Service - For those who run into a website problem they can't figure out on their own. 
  8. Creative Services like Writing Copy in English, and Graphic Design work.

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