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Support and Consultation Services
Help with website related problems
Websong is dedicated to helping people get a quality cost-effective website.  However we also are available to help when problems arise.  Suppose, for instance, that questions like these arise:

  • What if you want to switch to another hosting service?
  • What if you have always hired someone to be your webmaster, and now you want to start making website changes by yourself?
  • What if you want to add features to your website, or fix problems with your website, and the person who designed it is no longer available?
  • What if you just can't afford to pay someone else every time something goes wrong, but you don't know how to fix things yourself?
When you run into problems like these, or any other web related problems, feel free to contact us using any of the methods below.  We will do everything we can to get your problem solved to your satisfaction.
What do we charge?  Support for work we do is free.  In general, all other support and consultation services are available to anyone at a rate of $25 per hour.  Feel free to contact us to get a more specific price for any help you might need.
Live Chat Support: 
We have installed live chat support here. 
Feel free to give it a try,  but it is new to us, so if you feel it is not working as it should, or that we are not responding as we should, feel free to use any of the other methods below to contact us. 

Phone Consulting Service:   
We are available to do phone consultation with you about how successfully to resolve your website design issues for the nominal fee of $25. per hour (or .50 cents a minute).  For local clients, we also are available to do onsite consultation. 
(580) 606-3090
Email support:
To contact us by email, please click here or address your email to admin@websong.org.  We will respond as quickly as possible.
We may also be reached by use of the form below.

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Here are our Terms of Service.

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